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Body Art
Wellness Club

Body Art
Wellness Club

Body Art Wellness Club

Body Art Wellness Club

TELEPHONE RESERVATIONS 031 106 11 60; 0731 111 113
OR BY E-MAIL cristian.nita@body-art.ro
WEBSITE www.body-art.ro
SCHEDULE 06:00 - 21:00

No matter if you are looking for toning or building muscle, or maybe just for relaxation, our hotel is ready to give you the best experience – Body Art Wellness Club. Our Spa Center is one of the largest and most modern fitness centers in the country.

Here you’ll be welcomed by well-trained coaches, former performance athletes with vast experience, ready to guide you towards correct and effective workouts, so that you get the desired results as soon as possible. 

Tone your body in the top-class equipment gym, choose from our wide range of aerobic classes, join cycling, discover the refreshing effects of a swimming session, relax in the jacuzzi and in the dry and wet sauna, try the multi-sensorial experience of the emotional shower or cool yourself with a Scottish shower or ice fountain… you’ll feel the difference.




With a surface of 400 square meters, it has 63 simultaneous workout places, it is divided into several areas and is the perfect destination for the fitness enthusiasts, but also for those who want to take their daily portion of energy or to get in shape.

Personal Training

For personalized workouts, don’t hesitate to reach out to Body Art Wellness Club’s personal coaches, who will track you step by step in order to achieve the physical condition you want. Get inspired and guided by the best in the field, and the results will show up soon.


We invite you to attend our aerobics classes, an excellent choice if you don’t want to train alone and you need additional motivation. You can choose between one of the 30-minute express classes, focused mainly on a single muscle group, or one of the 50-minute classes, which aim to tone or increase endurance.


The Body Art Wellness Club’s cycling room is equipped with 25 bicycles and has an area of 120 square meters. Cycling is a very effective, high-intensity cardio workout and is recommended if your goals are muscle toning and weight loss.

Pool and Jacuzzi

Pool and Jacuzzi


Charge yourself with energy, swim or just relax in the 180 square meters (20x90m) pool. For those who want to start or improve in swimming lessons, our instructors are at your service.


A few moments spent in the jacuzzi can be a real therapy for body and mind. A jacuzzi session relieves stress and helps to relax, allows invigoration, improves circulation and intensifies the relief of muscle or joint pain.

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness & Wellness


The dry sauna has a multitude of benefits: it is ideal for physical and mental unwind, induces deep relaxation, detoxififies, helps cell renewal, improves immunity and sleep quality and has therapeutic effects on the body.


We offer you the unforgettable experience of a hammam session, which is extremely beneficial for the body. Also known as Turkish bath and wet sauna, the hammam purifies the body, deeply cleans the skin and provides a general state of well-being.

Emotional shower

Let yourself be carried away in unforgettable sensory experiences in the emotional shower, which harmoniously combines aromatherapy and chromotherapy with the beneficial effects of water.

Scottish shower

Alternating cold and warm water jets cools and relaxes, enhances immunity, stimulates muscle tone, speeds up metabolism and improves skin elasticity.

Ice fountain

Cool off and reinvigorate your body between two sauna and hammam sessions through the ice fountain. The purpose of this procedure is to induce a thermal shock to the body, the action of ice fragments having refreshing effects.